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Brandon Harker HikingAbout Brandon Harker

I’m the author of this blog and will be responsible for whatever you read on this site. I’ll be writing about technology and the auction industry with the occasional diversion into unrelated topics, which I hope you can forgive me for.

Sebae Data Solutions, Inc.

I always knew that I wanted to work for myself and in 2000 I started Sebae Data Solutions, Inc. to create Auction Flex. By 2008 Auction Flex went from unknown to the industry’s leading auction software for live auctions.  The company started with me, a home office, and a phone line. I now employ eight people, have an actual office (on the Ocala downtown square). I know, not exactly Microsoft but I love what I do and the auction industry has been very good to me.

Why a Blog?

I’m an amateur author with one unpublished novel under my belt. I like to write and the brain, like any other muscle, needs regular exercise. This blog is an outlet for writing words when I’m tired of writing code.

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